New Moon

This is the beginning of the goal setting period and you'll receive a detailed email from Moonfangled.

The stunning crescent moon (waxing crescent) will appear hours after the time of the New Moon. To see it, look West, immediately after sunset.

1st Quarter Moon

You'll get a short email at the moment our Moon reached its 1st Quarter with a short exercise to help reflect on your goals.

The 1st Quarter Moon rises in the east around local noon, reaches at its apex at sunset, and sets in the west at midnight.

Full Moon

The moon is halfway through its cycle. Are you halfway through your goals? An email with a short Q&A session will prompt you into action steps needed in order to finish your goals.

Our Moon becomes full of reflective sunlight. It rises in the east around sunset, reaches its apex at midnight, and sets in the west at sunrise.

3rd Quarter Moon

An email gets sent at the start of the 3rd Quarter Moon. With it comes a writing assignment that will be the most thorough of the cycle. You'll also be asked to reflect on a few new goals for the upcoming moon cycle.

The 3rd Quarter Moon rises around midnight in the east, reaches its apex at sunrise, and sets in the west around noon.

Waning Crescent Moon

The waning crescent is seldom seen. Early risers can spot it in the eastern sky as it rises within an hour before sunrise. If you happen to see it, and your goals are complete, then enjoy the moment and reflect on why you were successful. Then get ready to knock out a new goal in a few days.