A little background on why we built this


Moonfangled was born during a sunset beach walk in San Diego. Pacific Beach, to be specific. With winter ocean waves crashing nearby, and the sun setting a few minutes prior, two friends noticed the new crescent moon to the west. It reminded us how quickly time had passed us since we previously witnessed the crescent moon, and how there were certain goals we wanted to complete -- and had failed to do so. With another month behind us, and untapped potential tugging at our souls, it was a "natural" reminder that time does indeed move fast. The walk also took place around the New Year, and on that particular walk we also shared some New Year's resolutions we wanted to set into action. That topic immediately got us talking about why certain New Year's resolutions fail, and how some people wait a full year to get them going again.


Instead of waiting a year to make resolutions, why not do them more frequently? Yes, one could easily align goal-setting with each new calendar month, and for those that choose this, we support you! But the moon, for some, has a special natural connection to who we are. We see the phases change as the days transpire, and this "clock" has been in motion for millions of years -- before humans even invented the calendar. Also, paying attention to celestial mechanics and the reflective properties of sunlight on a daily basis can give us a deeper connection to nature.


There are so many other fantastic online and app resources for time management and goal setting. What makes unique is that is geared towards simplicity where one can attempt to complete one goal with each passing phase of the moon. Some say it takes "21 days to make a habit" and our system supports this. You get 3 weeks to create your new habit, and then one week to enjoy it before taking on your next new goal. In fact, this idea was created by us because it is something WE WOULD USE! Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that you create because you see a need. And that probably best sums up the reason why this site was created. We look forward to you joining us and hearing your stories of success!